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Monday, January 26, 2009

No MRD for most IRAs in 2009

In case you hadn't heard already, there is a recently enacted law in which most beneficiaries of an IRA (inherited or otherwise) can choose to NOT take their minimum required distribution (MRD) for calendar year 2009. (There are some exceptions for people who were supposed to take their MRD in 2008 and were postponing it until 2009.)

Note, this law also applies to beneficiaries of ROTH IRAs, 401(a),401(k) and 403(b) plans. The purpose is to help people save money in this dreadful economy. (Although, as a practical matter it seems to be a benefit only to the wealthiest few as poorer beneficiaries will likely have withdraw it anyway. So, the government may have been better off not offering this tax break as it could really use the revenue.)

You should consult with your plan administrator if you have any questions regarding your ability to avoid taking your MRD this year.

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